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muralThis mural, in downtown Paonia, was just completed last week by Seth. It is a beautiful reminder of Jubilee and also of the incredible outpouring of love and support from the community in Paonia and further afield.

Seth and Chelsea wanted to let everyone know that it is a ‘thank you card’ for the prayers and love that they were, and continue to be, wrapped in by such amazing people. The hand of Jesus has been so continually evident, despite such a tragic situation, and we wanted to thank you all again for your part in this chapter and your continued prayers for them as they face the days ahead.

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Photos by Teya Cranson



Update – June 26th, 2013


I had the chance to catch up with Seth and Chelsea for a bit and wanted to give an update on Jubie currently.

So far the worsening of her symptoms, whether due to the necrosis or any tumor growth, seems to have stopped, which is great! Praise God! As of now Jubilee cannot walk as her balance is very poor and she has a lack of control over her movements, and she has had trouble with here eyes and she often must crawl from one place to the next. But her attitude is cheerful and happy and she is full of energy as well!

Todd and Nadine bought her a tricycle which, since it does not require balancing, has enabled her to be very mobile and aid in exercising to fight the affects of the steroids, and she loves to zoom around and ride it all over. She can’t walk but she certainly can ride, so it has been immensely helpful!

They are continuing to seek God as to what possible options there are in the realm of treatments. Currently they are driving to nearby Farmington to meet with a lovely Christian woman who is a reflexologist. The foot zoning reflexology treats the nerve endings in the body and the visits have had good results. Her eyes are looking better and they are only a 2 treatments into the course of 7 visits, so Lord willing it will be very helpful. I will update as soon as I know or hear more.

They also said that the community of friends and family has continued to be such a huge blessing and help to them and they are so thankful for your ongoing prayers. Many of their friends in Paonia have been dropping by to pray for Jubie as well which has been a very encouraging blessing as well.

One thing that could really use prayer as well is that Seth, Chelsea and Isaac all have been struggling with very severe allergies/hayfever which alone can impede daily life, not to mention coupled with the current situation. Please pray that the Lord would provide relief for them!

They are continuing to take each day at a time, starting every morning with taking communion together and committing their day ahead to Jesus. Seth said that God has been teaching them to enjoy each day and not to be anxious for tomorrow. It is certainly challenging and has been fraught with tears at times, but God’s peace has been comforting and protecting them throughout. Your prayers have been a huge encouraging factor too, and we are all so very thankful for everyone of them!

If you would like to donate to help support Jubilee please click HERE. 100% of your donation goes directly to supporting her and her family as they battle this DIPG tumor. Thank you so much and may God bless you.

Jubie getting around on her tricycle.Image

June 11th, 2013 – Update


Got to speak with Chelsea and Seth recently and have gotten an update on the situation and how Jubie is doing.

First of all she is off of the steroids currently, which is good, and she also has been in very high spirits, with a zealous joy despite the circumstance and lots of energy. Seth told me that when they ask her how her eyes, or anything, is feeling it’s either “good” or “great”, and if anything is bothering her she just sweetly replies, “I don’t want to tell you” or will change the subject to something happy. So despite not necessarily doing physically better, she is being very upbeat and absolutely joy filled.

Right now they are trying to determine whether the symptoms, which have been worsening gradually, are due to the DIPG tumor or from the radiation’s side effect of necrosis, as the symptoms can be very similar. As of when I spoke with them Jubie is having a hard time maintaining her balance and her eyes have been in pain and had trouble focusing and blinking. Due to her lack of balance they have not been able to get out and hike or bike ride, but they have found that she absolutely adores swimming and they have been going to the Glenwood Springs hot springs where she hops into her little inner tube and kicks/paddles all over the pool for hours. So that has been a great thing to fight the lingering side effects of the steroids, as she can easily get lots of exercise in the pool and not have to worry about balance.

Please keep praying for enduring peace and for God’s healing hands upon Jubilee and her family. Chels told me that it has been a tough week for them all seeing her balance fail, but that Jubie’s joy has also been such a blessing, challenge and inspiration. They are continuing to eat very healthy, raw, cancer fighting foods and giving Jubie natural remedies to fight swelling and the cancer. The people and prayers surrounding them have also been a huge encouragement and source of strength for them. Thank you all so much for your support and love, it is of more value than we can ever express!

I will continue to try to keep you all updated as often as possible and as quickly as I can. Thank you for your encouraging comments and most importantly your continued prayers for Jubilee Grace.

If you feel called to donate to Jubilee please click HERE. 100% of your donation goes directly to supporting them through this time and the costs involved. Thank you so much and may God richly bless you!


April 12th, 2013 – Update


Just a very short update today.

Seth, Chelsea, Isaac and Jubilee all headed out safely and are going to be arriving in Santa Barbara tonight. Accommodation has graciously been provided for through a man at Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara, in the form of a rental home that was vacant for the dates they needed, praise God!

Jubilee’s treatment begins on Monday morning and I believe only lasts that week. After which they will do a bit of family road tripping/camping along the beach. Please pray that the scan they are going to be doing to see if the treatment will be affective will be a positive result and that they can treat the DIPG tumour with it.

I received a text from Chelsea today that said Jubilee is struggling a bit more than she has since the radiation, so please take the time to stop and intercede in prayer on her behalf today! Also pray for protection over their trip and that they will be able to have an awesome family time together along the coast, filled with the peace of Christ.

“I, The Lord, am your healer.” – Exodus 15:26b

If you feel led to help their family financially, please click HERE to make a donation via card or check. Thank you so much!

April 2nd, 2013

This past week has been quite busy, but in a very good way. Lots of family has come to visit and we had a wonderful Easter together at Crow Farm, remembering that Christ is risen and in Him is abundant life!

Jubilee has been returning to her normal self, no longer needing naps in the day and being more talkative, energetic and laughing a lot. She is also nearly finished with the steroids! Upon hearing how she is acting, the doctor at Children’s Hospital in Denver was very pleased and said that the radiation must’ve acted on the tumour as they hoped and that 6-12 months without major symptoms of the DIPG are very possible, which is a blessing. And we are continually praying for complete restoration and healing and that those symptoms never return. She has lost most of her hair where the radiation was applied and has been wearing colourful scarves and hats for the past few days. But it has been great to see her playing with her cousins and at the park or riding on the tag-a-long bike with Seth, which is a huge difference from when we first arrived.

Seth and Chelsea have spent hours on the phone this week talking to alternative specialists and researching possible treatments. Through lots of prayer and research they have narrowed it down massively and are praying about pursuing one or two avenues and would appreciate your ongoing prayers for wisdom and guidance from the Lord as to what path to take.

Chelsea’s parents, Mike and Cyndi, came on Thursday and stayed for the Easter Weekend, and Leah and Wes (Chelsea’s brother, wife and kids) also came on Friday just for a day. And with so many hands converging on them we had a ‘get practical stuff done’ day, which included burning irrigation ditches, thoroughly cleaning their house of dust and other allergens, running junk to the dump, fixing some plumbing etc. It was a very busy day, but a blessing also to have many hands to make light the work so that Seth and Chelsea wouldn’t have to worry about it and can just focus on Jubilee, their time together and her treatment. Chelsea also boiled eggs and we painted and dyed Easter Eggs in the evening all together.

On Saturday Seth and I took all four kids out for the day on bikes and to the parks in Paonia and had a really fun time picnicking and playing in the sun. Rachel and Chelsea headed to Hotchkiss and Delta to search out sugar free Easter treats as Jubie is completely off of sugar, and managed to find some great little goodies to fill the eggs.

The Burress family and Nana and Papa Weber all arrived Saturday night and for Easter Sunday we all greeted the morning with a sunrise service at and bonfire at Crow Farm. Some of the wonderful friends that they have in Paonia also came to share in the celebration of Christ’s resurrection and this time of Jubilee. It was a hard, but sweet time given the circumstances, and we know that Jesus is alive and holding precious Jubilee in His tender hands. Seth shared for a short time on the situation and what Jesus had been speaking to Him through this ordeal, and how He had made clear what is truly important. The bonfire he said was particularly symbolic to him as a picture of God burning away the petty things that distract to reveal the important things of life.

The rest of the day we spent together, sharing food and fellowship outside in the beautiful sunny day. After we ate, Seth, Mike, Jacob and I hid Easter eggs for the kids and they had a great time searching for them and playing with the little goodies in the eggs and eating the healthy treats that Chelsea and Rachel put in them.

The local Lutheran church held a donation/fundraiser breakfast for Easter and there have been multiple other fundraiser and support events around Paonia, including a pool tournament and a raffle at the local Subway. It has been very cool to be here and see first hand the amazing amount of support and care being given to their family during this time. Seth has mentioned many times how blown away they have been by the love and prayers from so many people and how it has encouraged them. Thank you all so much for your ongoing prayers and support for them, they are so thankful and blessed by the huge amount of people standing with them in the face of such a difficult fight.

Apart from the Easter weekend, we have all been respecting as much as possible their family time, only visiting midday, between 11-4 or so, so that they have time just as a family with Jubie and Isaac. They are taking each day as it comes, and it is so incredibly evident that Jesus is fully sustaining them. It is a huge blessing that Seth is not having to work through this time as well, and can spend as much time with his family as he can. Thank you all for your financial support that has made that possible. Enabling him to take this time with Jubilee, Chelsea and Isaac means more than you can ever know. Thank you so much and may God bless all of you in return for your generosity.

Jesus is truly alive, and that reality has hit all of us at a new level through this past month. He is comforting and sending His peace over Jubilee and her precious family, and for that we are so thankful. Your prayers and support have meant, and continue to mean, so very much to them and we are ever thankful for you as well.

If you feel directed to support Jubilee financially please click HERE. Thank you and God bless.

March 23-26, 2013


Over the last three days Jubilee has been doing well. She is nearly weaned off the steroids and has been much more animated and also more energetic, being more herself. We have all been trying to keep things at a relaxed, low-key level as Jubilee is still prone to getting tired and to try to simply respects their family times together.

Todd and Nadine have been researching many methods of cancer treatment and have found lots of very interesting research on fighting cancer. Please keep praying for wisdom in searching for methods of fighting this DIPG tumour. We want to make sure we are following His leading in natural medicine/treatment and not forgetting that He is the Great Physician who heals.

Yesterday we all (Caelen, Rachel, Libby, Adi, Seth, Chelsea, Isaac & Jubilee) got to go out sledding for a few hours and it was so much fun. We had races, snowball fights and made snow angels. God really blessed it and it was beautiful and sunny on the hills, looking out to the mountains. Jubilee laughed a ton and had a blast riding the sleds and smacking us all with snowballs. Isaac tried some of his first back country snowboarding too, was a snowball warrior and Chelsea chased him down the mountain as a cop, with him being the robber. It was a great time of just having a fun day.

Seth also has gotten in touch with, and spoken at length, to a few doctors who know of some alternative methods that may prove very effective. We are praying about those as we wait to know a bit more. We would very much appreciate your prayers as well.

They are also continuing on an amazingly healthy diet that is tailored to fight cancer and optimise health. The help that they have been given from friends in this area has also been awesome, with the specific, organic and natural foods delivered daily to them that fit their diet.

As always we are so thankful for your prayers and support. It is a huge blessing! We are also extremely thankful for the donations that have been, and continue to be given to support Jubilee and her family during this time. If you would like to donate please click HERE.

I, even I, am the Lord; and beside me there is no saviour. (Isaiah 43:11 KJV)

March 22, 2013


Today was a tough one. Please continue to pray for Jubilee and her family as they face this situation. It is solely by Jesus’s power and peace that they can walk in hope each day. Continue to pray His mighty protection over them and His awesome healing for Jubilee.

Jubilee did alright today, but was somewhat withdrawn and tired. Please pray for her to continue to improve as the steroid doses get lower. God’s hand is on her and we ask for fervent Prayer over her every minute of the day. We met only briefly at a friend’s house who was babysitting baby piglets, to let the kids see them. Then Chelsea took Jubilee back home and Seth and Jubie spent time together on a daddy/daughter date.

Please also be praying for Seth as he had an incredibly hard day of severe allergies, which are literally the last thing he needs to be dealing with right now. He has a long history of poor sinuses and nasty allergies, so please lift that up in prayer as well.

Your prayers are so appreciated and effective. Please continue to keep fervently praying for Jubilee, Seth, Chelsea and Isaac.

March 21, 2013


It was Seth’s birthday and we all (Todd, Nadine, Penny, Rachel, Adi & Libby, and I) had a little party together with Seth, Chelsea, Isaac and Jubilee and tried to keep it low key and relaxed. Jubilee was doing really well, just tired by the afternoon as she didn’t have a nap. Her eyes have been tracking very well, and blinking almost normally and her balance is also very good.

Some of Seth and Chelsea’s lovely friends dropped by with holistic/natural and medicinal foods for Jubilee and a lovely squash pie for Seth’s birthday. It was so sweet of them and all the foods are very nutritious and cancer fighting, which we hope will continue to help Jubilee as she weans off the steroids and fights the DIPG.

They have been having lots of fun together and Jubilee has been smiling and laughing a lot, which is great to see. Please continue in prayer for her complete healing and we are thankful for the awesome support and love people have been giving them.

Today is a very relaxed day, with Seth and Chelsea spending family time together with Isaac and Jubilee. We all may meet up later, if Jubie is feeling up to it, at a friends farm who has baby pigs and baby goats.

Thank you again for all your love and prayers and we are so blessed by all the encouragement and intercession on Jubilee’s behalf. Thank you!

If you feel inclined to help support Jubilee financially, please click HERE to donate to their family. We are ever thankful for the many of you who have blessed them so abundantly during this very difficult journey. May God bless you in return!

Updated ‘Donate’ Page


Just wanted to share that we have sorted out the ‘Donate’ page and you can now donate to Jubilee online, via a Credit or Debit card. You can also do a direct Bank Transfer or a traditional, physical check through the mail.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and for your desire to help support Seth, Chelsea, Isaac and Jubilee. May God richly bless you!

Update for March 9th


Denver got blanketed in snow and all of Chelsea’s brothers and their families made it without incident, so thank you all for your prayers! They all spent most of the day together with Jubilee, Seth, Chelsea and Isaac at the Ronald McDonald house. Jubilee did really well, but tires easily and had a long nap, but after which they all got to go bowling together. Two of Chelsea’s brothers have new little babies and Isaac and Jubilee both were very excited to meet them and loved seeing them. They all had a wonderful time with the family. Jubilee, Isaac and their cousins loved bowling and dancing to music at the bowling alley, eating french fries and just hanging out together. After the bowling Seth, Chelsea and Jubilee headed back to the Ronald house for the dinner, as Jubilee loves the dinners that they serve. Isaac stayed with the rest of the family to bowl and hang with his cousin Hunter.

The Ronald McDonald house in Aurora, very near the Children’s Hospital, is an amazing facility and is much like a nice hotel, catered towards children, and has really blessed them, especially Jubilee. The convenience alone of being able to stay so near the hospital has also been huge. The facility has large common areas for play and for spending family time together. Dinners are served by volunteers each night which keeps things low key and as stress free as possible.

Jubilee has been doing very well leading up to the radiology. They moved the port with the pick line to her heart for anesthesia to her upper arm with no trouble, and it makes the anesthetic take effect very quickly and with less pain. Everything is set for radiology on Monday.

Please keep Jubilee in your prayers. We are praying for God’s healing hand to be on Jubilee and peace and comfort on their family.

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