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muralThis mural, in downtown Paonia, was just completed last week by Seth. It is a beautiful reminder of Jubilee and also of the incredible outpouring of love and support from the community in Paonia and further afield.

Seth and Chelsea wanted to let everyone know that it is a ‘thank you card’ for the prayers and love that they were, and continue to be, wrapped in by such amazing people. The hand of Jesus has been so continually evident, despite such a tragic situation, and we wanted to thank you all again for your part in this chapter and your continued prayers for them as they face the days ahead.

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Photos by Teya Cranson



Thank you.

We want to give a huge thank you to the amazing people who have been at the sides of Seth, Chelsea and Isaac, as well as at the sides of the extended family of the Slays and Webers, during this past few months. Your prayers and support have been an incredible encouragement and God has used you in many powerful ways throughout this difficult path. We also thank all those who came to the celebration for Jubilee in Paonia Park, and we missed those of you who couldn’t make it, but we felt your prayers! There is truly no way to sufficiently express our immense gratitude. Thank you, and may God richly bless you all.

We also wanted to thank the incredible people who did so much (food, ice cream, decor, slideshow, sound, the band etc etc) for Jubilee’s celebration in the Paonia City Park. You all worked so hard and were so gracious and wonderful. Thank you so much!

Jubilee is in the beautiful hands of Jesus , and we rest in that fact, knowing that ‘to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord’ (2 Corinthians 5:8) and having the hope that we will see her again soon in glory. Seth and Chelsea have both told me that this event in their life has caused a huge perspective shift, and a re-focussing. Their family’s mindset has been shifted to an acutely eternal perspective, knowing that Jubilee is there, well, perfect and looking forward to their reuniting, with Jesus at her side. Seth said that it has all certainly made what is truly important truly obvious.

A wonderful friend, Teya Cranson, spent the whole day filming Jubilee’s Celebration in the park, which is at the top of this post. Thank you so much Teya for filming and editing together such a great piece.

Please continue to keep Seth, Chelsea and Isaac in prayer as they face each day with a very large hole in their hearts and a big change to their daily life. As Seth said, Jubilee came and completely stole their hearts, so now their hearts and minds are set in heaven with the Lord and her.

Celebration of Jubilee



Above is the information on Jubilee’s Celebration. We do hope you can make it to come and join in remembering Jubilee Grace.

Seth, Chelsea and Isaac are putting together a book of people’s memories of Jubie, and would like it if anyone that is unable to make it to her celebration could mail, or email, them the special memory of Jubilee that they have and would like to contribute.

Once again we whole heartedly want to thank everyone for their amazing prayers and support through this difficult time for Jubilee’s family. You have been awesome and may God bless you.

Celebration of Jubilee Grace – July 14th, 2013

The celebration of the wonderful life of Jubilee will be held on Sunday, July 14th from 12:00 to 3:00pm at the Paonia City Park. There will be food and Jubie’s favourite ice cream served.

We hope many of you can come and celebrate with us as we praise God for the amazing time He gifted us with precious Jubilee Grace, and what a unique and beautiful creation she will always be remembered as.

Thank you again for your unceasing prayers. They have truly carried Jubilee and her family through this time. Thank you with all of our hearts.

Jubilee Grace Weber, in the arms of Jesus.


The night before Jubilee went home, as her body was shutting down, she was struggling to breathe, clinging to Seth. Seth told me that that was a very hard, very dark night for them, and they called a very good friend to come and pray with them. When he arrived they prayed together and prayed Scripture over Jubie and she calmed down, let go of Seth’s neck and reached up, with her eyes clear and bright, towards heaven. After that point she was calm, peaceful and her breath was shallow, but steady. Seth and Chelsea and Isaac spent the next hours holding her, kissing her sweet face, and thanking God for her.

As they held her outside in their yard, watching the sun set, Jubilee breathed her last breath as the sky ignited with glorious color. They all gave a cheer at her entry to heaven and praised God, knowing that Jubilee is whole, perfect and at complete peace in the arms of Christ.

Jubilee’s body will be cremated, and there will be a celebration of her wonderful life in Paonia Park. I will post the details once I know them.

Seth wanted to also thank all of you for your amazing prayers and support during the months since Jubilee’s diagnosis. Your prayers helped, and will continue to help, carry them through. Please keep them in your prayers as they face life with a Jubilee Grace shaped hole in their hearts.

UPDATE – JULY 2nd, 2013

Jubilee is now in the arms of Jesus.

Last night, at about 9:30, she was in the arms of Seth and Chelsea when she entered heaven, full of peace, with no struggle or pain.

Please continue to pray for their family. I will post a more detailed account when I talk to Seth. God is good.

2 Corinthians 5:6-8

URGENT UPDATE – 2nd July, 2013


I spoke briefly to Nadine, and Jubie’s condition has degraded further. They are spending every moment together just the four of them, as a family, with hospice there to help.

Please continue to pray for precious Jubilee and that the Lord welcomes her home with no pain or struggle. Pray also for Seth, Chelsea and Isaac as they face the days ahead, for continued and abundant peace and comfort through and from Jesus.

Thank you all so much for the amazing love and support shown to this priceless child of God and her family through such a hard chapter. Please continue to pray.

Isaiah 55:8-9 & 11-12




URGENT UPDATE – 30th June, 2013

I have received another bit of info from Nadine as she had a call from Seth on their way back to Paonia.

Jubie’s symptoms have worsened significantly and she is now unable to drink, eat or move. She also can’t speak. It seems as though her bodily systems are simply shutting down.

Please, please continue to pray hard for this precious little one and her family as they face this incredibly difficult chapter. God is in control and your prayers are much desired and needed for beautiful Jubilee Grace.

Thank you all for your fervent prayers and support!

URGENT Update – June 29, 2013


I just woke up to a phone call from Nadine with some news from Seth.

Jubilee woke up this morning and has paralysis in her right side, rendering her unable to walk, or move very much at all and also is having a lot of trouble speaking.

They still aren’t sure if it is the necrosis from the radiation or growth from the DIPG tumor, and finding out would involve another MRI which doesn’t even have a high likelihood of revealing what exactly is causing the increased symptoms.

Please, please take the time today to lift Jubilee, and her family, up in prayer. God is sovereign and she is in His hands and perfect will, and we continue to ask the Lord for her healing and recovery. Please pray for strength for their family and reassurance of God’s grace, peace, mercy and love.

Please share with your family and friends and let your church prayer chains know too.

Thank you for your continued prayers! We are so grateful and are looking to God, full of hope.

– Romans 8:23-31 –

Update – June 26th, 2013


I had the chance to catch up with Seth and Chelsea for a bit and wanted to give an update on Jubie currently.

So far the worsening of her symptoms, whether due to the necrosis or any tumor growth, seems to have stopped, which is great! Praise God! As of now Jubilee cannot walk as her balance is very poor and she has a lack of control over her movements, and she has had trouble with here eyes and she often must crawl from one place to the next. But her attitude is cheerful and happy and she is full of energy as well!

Todd and Nadine bought her a tricycle which, since it does not require balancing, has enabled her to be very mobile and aid in exercising to fight the affects of the steroids, and she loves to zoom around and ride it all over. She can’t walk but she certainly can ride, so it has been immensely helpful!

They are continuing to seek God as to what possible options there are in the realm of treatments. Currently they are driving to nearby Farmington to meet with a lovely Christian woman who is a reflexologist. The foot zoning reflexology treats the nerve endings in the body and the visits have had good results. Her eyes are looking better and they are only a 2 treatments into the course of 7 visits, so Lord willing it will be very helpful. I will update as soon as I know or hear more.

They also said that the community of friends and family has continued to be such a huge blessing and help to them and they are so thankful for your ongoing prayers. Many of their friends in Paonia have been dropping by to pray for Jubie as well which has been a very encouraging blessing as well.

One thing that could really use prayer as well is that Seth, Chelsea and Isaac all have been struggling with very severe allergies/hayfever which alone can impede daily life, not to mention coupled with the current situation. Please pray that the Lord would provide relief for them!

They are continuing to take each day at a time, starting every morning with taking communion together and committing their day ahead to Jesus. Seth said that God has been teaching them to enjoy each day and not to be anxious for tomorrow. It is certainly challenging and has been fraught with tears at times, but God’s peace has been comforting and protecting them throughout. Your prayers have been a huge encouraging factor too, and we are all so very thankful for everyone of them!

If you would like to donate to help support Jubilee please click HERE. 100% of your donation goes directly to supporting her and her family as they battle this DIPG tumor. Thank you so much and may God bless you.

Jubie getting around on her tricycle.Image

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