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On Friday, March 1st, 2013 Jubilee Grace Weber was airlifted with Chelsea to Denver Children’s Hospital with a Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) tumour. Which is a large, extremely aggressive, inoperable and cancerous tumour which is diffused into her brain stem. With no warning, this sudden tragedy has completely shocked us and brought us to our knees in prayer for this beloved little girl and her parents, Seth & Chelsea, and her brother Isaac.

Please join us in our continual prayers for Jubilee as their family faces the days ahead, praying for her healing and God’s glorification. And please spread the word to your churches and friends. We need prayer warriors!

I am Caelen, and Jubilee is my niece, the daughter of my brother Seth and sis-in-law Chelsea. I started up this blog to keep our friends and family in Christ updated on the situation on a day to day basis with as much info as I can get.

For those of you that want to support Seth and Chelsea financially, thank you so much, and we have updated the ‘Donate‘ page with ways you can do that.

Thank you so much for your prayers and words of encouragement. God is great and mighty and may He bless you.

About prayforjubilee

My name is Caelen. I'm Seth's little brother and one of Jubilee's uncles. I'm working on the digital side of things on behalf of Seth and Chelsea to keep our awesome family and friends in Christ updated on Jubilee and their family as they face this beyond difficult situation.

10 responses to “About prayforjubilee.com

  1. Hope Coulter

    I know a little girl named Kate McRae who was healed from this same type of tumor in her brain. Her encouraging story is at prayforkate.com I think. God bless you all with great comfort and wisdom.

    • Danielle and Webb

      Hope, that is so amazing! thanks for sharing. miss you and your family. Webers, we love you and think of you all day. Praying for this miracle

  2. My daughter was diagnosed on Jan 14th, 2013. Please contact us if you need to talk, and we will pray for Jubilee. Our site is http://www.brookehealey.com

  3. Wendy Bodwell

    Hi Caelen. I met Seth and Chelsea at the Trading Post in Paonia on one brief occasion. I’m a teacher at the high school, so I know who Seth is due to his work with David. I wanted to pass on a connection I have. I’ve been asking for prayer for jubilee on Facebook, and a friend of mine wrote me the following message.

    “I saw your post about the little girl with the brain tumor. I was wondering how well you know Jubilee’s family. My Mom and I work with a nutrition company that has helped a lot of people with cancer. A dear friend of ours had an inoperable cancer tumor over 10 years ago and she is alive today and cancer free only because of working with us. She is not an isolated case. My Mom use to be a cancer nurse, but now she has worked in the nutrition field for over 15 years. I know she would be more than happy to talk with Jubilee’s parents and shed some more details about what we do and how we have helped other people who were given no hope by their doctors. My heart just breaks for Jubilee’s family. I don’t think there is a greater fear any good parent has than losing their child. I’m honestly almost in tears right now just thinking about it. Do you know them well enough to ask if my Mom and I can give them a call? I can’t promise anything or make health claims, but I can tell you we have helped hundreds who had no hope from their doctors. Some we just helped live more comfortably and offset the horrible side effects of treatments and such and others we have helped are in complete remission. Like I said, my Mom use to be a cancer nurse and now with her working from the nutrition side of things she has a really good understanding of how both the medical world and nutrition can play a vital role. I know we serve a God of miracles, but I also know sometimes God uses the medical world or the nutritional world to heal people and it’s still gives all glory to Him. My heart is just breaking for that precious family.


    If you would look me up on facebook Wendy Bodwell from Cedarege, I’d like to make this connection if Seth and Chelsea are wanting/needing something like this for the upcoming journey.


    Wendy Bodwell

  4. Lynn MacKay

    Hello, My name is Lynn MacKay and I live in Franktown, Colorado. My family has started a project we call Wrapped in Hope. We are making handmade fleece blankets for kids fighting cancer and we would LOVE to make a Warm Hug (what we call our blankets) for Jubilee! We have a facebook page titled “Wrapped in Hope” if you’d like to see what we are all about. If you think Jubilee would like a Warm Hug please send us a message on facebook and we’ll get right on making the perfect Warm Hug for Jubilee :o) All we need is an address where we can send it. We will keep Jubilee and your family in our prayers. Hugs from Colorado! Lynn

  5. Love and prayers from the Get Well Gabby Foundation. If there is any way we can help assist you please let me know.


  6. Cindy Millikin

    We are praying for Jubilee and for your family.

  7. Dina

    I have only received knowledge about Jubilee and her family through our homeschooling network here in Prescott, AZ. My family and I are diligently praying for her complete recovery. And I was thrilled to hear that you are approaching this with nutrition and alternative therapies. Remember, doctors are NOT God. I absolutely know that our amazing human bodies are capable of healing….given the right tools. Keep the faith and keep fighting. Many are with you in spirit. We may not know you personally, but you are in the family of God.
    May Lord Jesus guide you and give you comfort,
    Dina Janisch

  8. Sending love and prayers for healing from the Colorado Chapter of The Cure Starts Now Foundation.



  9. Please check out Race Against the Odds – CO in Fort Collins, CO on 9/15/13 during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Proceeds benefit The Cure Starts Now Foundation, providing research dollars for DIPG and the “homerun cure” for all cancer. We would love to honor your daughter at this event. You may contact me at Katie.sarles@thecurestartsnow.org

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