Celebration of Jubilee



Above is the information on Jubilee’s Celebration. We do hope you can make it to come and join in remembering Jubilee Grace.

Seth, Chelsea and Isaac are putting together a book of people’s memories of Jubie, and would like it if anyone that is unable to make it to her celebration could mail, or email, them the special memory of Jubilee that they have and would like to contribute.

Once again we whole heartedly want to thank everyone for their amazing prayers and support through this difficult time for Jubilee’s family. You have been awesome and may God bless you.

About prayforjubilee

My name is Caelen. I'm Seth's little brother and one of Jubilee's uncles. I'm working on the digital side of things on behalf of Seth and Chelsea to keep our awesome family and friends in Christ updated on Jubilee and their family as they face this beyond difficult situation.

2 responses to “Celebration of Jubilee

  1. hello from Prescott Valley AZ. We have been following since day one about Jubilee and her illness. Keeping all of you close in our hearts and our prayers. We are very close and dear friends of Arnie and Janet. Blessings to all of you each day May God walk with you each moment, each day and hold all of your
    families in the palms of his hand. Much Love and prayers from our home to yours.
    Wes and Joan Walker, Also our daughter Jeanne, her husband Ken and their Son Nick.
    We will all be with you in thought, and spirit on Saturday also.

  2. Carol Kormanec

    My thoughts and prayers will be with you on Sunday and in the days to come. May God bless and keep you along life’s journey. Cousin Carol Kormanec

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