Jubilee Grace Weber, in the arms of Jesus.


The night before Jubilee went home, as her body was shutting down, she was struggling to breathe, clinging to Seth. Seth told me that that was a very hard, very dark night for them, and they called a very good friend to come and pray with them. When he arrived they prayed together and prayed Scripture over Jubie and she calmed down, let go of Seth’s neck and reached up, with her eyes clear and bright, towards heaven. After that point she was calm, peaceful and her breath was shallow, but steady. Seth and Chelsea and Isaac spent the next hours holding her, kissing her sweet face, and thanking God for her.

As they held her outside in their yard, watching the sun set, Jubilee breathed her last breath as the sky ignited with glorious color. They all gave a cheer at her entry to heaven and praised God, knowing that Jubilee is whole, perfect and at complete peace in the arms of Christ.

Jubilee’s body will be cremated, and there will be a celebration of her wonderful life in Paonia Park. I will post the details once I know them.

Seth wanted to also thank all of you for your amazing prayers and support during the months since Jubilee’s diagnosis. Your prayers helped, and will continue to help, carry them through. Please keep them in your prayers as they face life with a Jubilee Grace shaped hole in their hearts.

About prayforjubilee

My name is Caelen. I'm Seth's little brother and one of Jubilee's uncles. I'm working on the digital side of things on behalf of Seth and Chelsea to keep our awesome family and friends in Christ updated on Jubilee and their family as they face this beyond difficult situation.

20 responses to “Jubilee Grace Weber, in the arms of Jesus.

  1. Cindy Kennealy

    What a beautiful passing from this world into heaven…I’m sorry for Jubilee’s pain and suffering but it sounds as though you, her parents and loved ones, gave her all the love, peace and comfort one can give to allow her to leave this world and fly high with the angels. Thinking of you in the days to come and sending prayers during this difficult time.

  2. Emilie Grootendorst Barry, college friend of Jubilee's great grandmother, Janet Morris Weber, now Evanston, IL

    “When tomorrow starts without me, try to accept that an angel came, and called my name, and took me by the hand.”

  3. We will continue to think of you all and keep you in our prayers in the days and nights to come. What a beautiful way to leave this world and enter our Loving Savior’s arms. Thank you for sharing your Jubilee with us .All our love, the Deck family

  4. Marla

    Thank-you, Caelen, for your beautiful words keeping us all informed. You helped us stay close to the family in this time of great sorrow and soaring joy.

  5. Naomi

    I never met Jubilee but am a friend of her Uncle and Aunt. I hope you all realize how many lives this beautiful little angel touched in her short time on earth. I will continue to pray that God comforts all of you and gives you peace.

  6. beautiful child now a beautiful angel safe in heaven x

  7. Cynthia

    Thank you for sharing your family’s story and photos. I have been praying for you all and will continue to do so as you face your grief of no longer being able to see and hold your precious Jubilee. May her joy in heaven bring peace to your hearts.
    With love in the Lord,

  8. tommy mitchell

    This breaks my heart, but God is STILL good!

    Sent from my iPhone

  9. Jim and Susan

    Jubilee Grace touched many hearts and she will forever live in our hearts… God spoke to us many times through this precious four year old. Her love and trust in Jesus was incredibly strong for her age
    and that is because of the love demonstrated through her whole family who have amazing faith in our Lord Jesus. Sadness and loss for their Jubilee but confidence she is in the presence of her Lord and Savior and that they will see her again.
    We all must cling to the words of Jesus spoken through Jubilee Grace…”Don’t be afraid”. Those words bring us much comfort as we wait upon our Savior’s return.

    Thank you Caelen for allowing us to be a part of this family and to have the opportunity to cover you all in prayer.

    Our love and prayers continue to be with you all
    Jim and Susan

  10. Kathy

    Keeping you all in prayer!

  11. Sue

    We have been following your post – praying for Jubilee and your family. Thank you for allowing us to walk this difficult road with you. Your faith is amazing – thank you for allowing God to be glorified, even to her last breath in this short life here on earth and forever in His Glory! What a beautiful, loving family you are. You have shown such grace and strength in the midst of the deepest pain imaginable. We don’t know you, but we are friends with Jubiliee’s grandmother’s friend in Prescott. God bless you, as you travel this journey of grief. We are so sorry for your loss, but blessed that we will meet in heaven one day.

  12. Christina Robinson

    Oh dear friends, so heartaching to see her go. Our love and prayers for you continue.

    • Millie kinser

      This story leaves me humble. Jesus is so good. May the hole in your hearts be filled with prayers and warm thoughts from all of us you don’t know but have been praying for your family all through this.

  13. Sara Allen Benscoter

    Caelen. You are an amazing man of God and I have been praying so much for your family. thank you for the updates! I will always remember you and Philipee and times at the Vallely’s house growing up. the faith and love your family has in their hearts is amazing. God bless and keep you all during this difficult time.

  14. John Montgomery

    My heart breaks for you, friends. May the Comforter encompass you.

  15. John Montgomery

    A groan in my heart… and a hope that I will be able to join in the rejoicing of Jubilee’s wholeness… and a prayer that Seth, Chelsea and Isaac will continue in that joy even as they sorrow.

  16. Teresa

    This is beautiful. My church sent around a prayer request for dear little Jubilee. I now pray that this joy and comfort will wrap around her family. Thank you for sharing. Very beautiful. x

  17. Kelsey

    Jubilee is shouting praise of jubilee. When we get to other side HE turns our weeping into dancing and our tears to praise!! I love you all and send tender hugs of comfort!!

  18. Lynne & Tony

    Our love and thoughts are with you all….God Bless.

  19. Rebecca (Fenton) Laurence

    My heart and prayers go out to you all. Grieving with you and praying for you in the days to come. Jubilee’s transition to glory next to her family at sunset and with scripture and prayer is so beautiful and peaceful and must have brought such comfort to her though it breaks our hearts to have her go. -Becky (Fenton) Laurence (from highschool Bible study and Prescott’s Art Store)

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