URGENT Update – June 29, 2013


I just woke up to a phone call from Nadine with some news from Seth.

Jubilee woke up this morning and has paralysis in her right side, rendering her unable to walk, or move very much at all and also is having a lot of trouble speaking.

They still aren’t sure if it is the necrosis from the radiation or growth from the DIPG tumor, and finding out would involve another MRI which doesn’t even have a high likelihood of revealing what exactly is causing the increased symptoms.

Please, please take the time today to lift Jubilee, and her family, up in prayer. God is sovereign and she is in His hands and perfect will, and we continue to ask the Lord for her healing and recovery. Please pray for strength for their family and reassurance of God’s grace, peace, mercy and love.

Please share with your family and friends and let your church prayer chains know too.

Thank you for your continued prayers! We are so grateful and are looking to God, full of hope.

– Romans 8:23-31 –

About prayforjubilee

My name is Caelen. I'm Seth's little brother and one of Jubilee's uncles. I'm working on the digital side of things on behalf of Seth and Chelsea to keep our awesome family and friends in Christ updated on Jubilee and their family as they face this beyond difficult situation.

18 responses to “URGENT Update – June 29, 2013

  1. Carole Davis

    A pit in my stomach, a lump in my throat – my thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  2. Meg Constable

    Passing it on! Praying! Love you guys!

  3. Jon & Asun

    With God, NOTHING is impossible! And we can trust Him in all things. We are doing just that, together with you and the many others. I pray you will see His hand on Jub and the whole family today! We love you and will not let the guard down, we will continue to pray and uplift this precious child

  4. The Stoppe Family

    We continue to pray for Jubilee and each of the family.

  5. Dan, Carrie and Elijah Beal

    My heart aches when I read this because we have a child of our own. I pray for strength, peace, and reassurance from The Lord. We love you.

  6. Marla

    Spreading the message. Sending all my love to the family.

  7. our thoughts and prayers for Jubilee and such lovely people as Chelsea and Seth.

  8. Evalee Mickey

    Jubilee, Chelsa, Seth and the entire family are in my daily prayers. My heart aches for all.

  9. Kristen lyn

    My thoughts and prayers are with you all!

  10. Deanna Deck

    Praying for you all.

  11. Neacole Roundy (Roselle)

    Beautiful Family Chelsea!!! Have Been Getting Updates From Your Brother. I’m Sorry To Hear About Your Baby Girl. Your Entire Family Is In Our Thoughts And Prayers. hugs

  12. Karen Longstreth

    Have been praying for Jubilee, I am a friend of Cathy Clark, my husband had a brain tumor, diagnosed in 1994. Cannot imagine going through this with your child. Dear Father in heaven, please heal Jubilee and surround the family with your loving arms, in your name we pray, amen.

  13. Nancy David

    I love the words you have posted: “God is sovereign and she is in His hands and perfect will, and we continue to ask the Lord for her healing and recovery. Please pray for strength for their family and reassurance of God’s grace, peace, mercy and love..” This is my prayer today. I will post it on my refrigerator or coffee pot and remember it everyday.

  14. Danielle and Webb

    Lord you are MIGHTY and we stand together knowing that Jubilee is yours and you love her. Jesus heal! we love you guys so much

  15. Bridget Hanchette

    Keep Jubilee hopeful! All of us have one day at a time. You all are living in the beautiful present and are surrounded by all of our love and prayers. Jubilee is an inspiration to find joy in the little things. Keep touching her limbs and reminding her that she is safe and loved by all of us. We are praying for all of you! I know it’s hard, but let her be encouraged by the miraculous things that you have experienced and will continue to receive. Love is the medicine.
    God Bless you!

  16. Christina Robinson

    Love you guys. Praying always.

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