March 23-26, 2013


Over the last three days Jubilee has been doing well. She is nearly weaned off the steroids and has been much more animated and also more energetic, being more herself. We have all been trying to keep things at a relaxed, low-key level as Jubilee is still prone to getting tired and to try to simply respects their family times together.

Todd and Nadine have been researching many methods of cancer treatment and have found lots of very interesting research on fighting cancer. Please keep praying for wisdom in searching for methods of fighting this DIPG tumour. We want to make sure we are following His leading in natural medicine/treatment and not forgetting that He is the Great Physician who heals.

Yesterday we all (Caelen, Rachel, Libby, Adi, Seth, Chelsea, Isaac & Jubilee) got to go out sledding for a few hours and it was so much fun. We had races, snowball fights and made snow angels. God really blessed it and it was beautiful and sunny on the hills, looking out to the mountains. Jubilee laughed a ton and had a blast riding the sleds and smacking us all with snowballs. Isaac tried some of his first back country snowboarding too, was a snowball warrior and Chelsea chased him down the mountain as a cop, with him being the robber. It was a great time of just having a fun day.

Seth also has gotten in touch with, and spoken at length, to a few doctors who know of some alternative methods that may prove very effective. We are praying about those as we wait to know a bit more. We would very much appreciate your prayers as well.

They are also continuing on an amazingly healthy diet that is tailored to fight cancer and optimise health. The help that they have been given from friends in this area has also been awesome, with the specific, organic and natural foods delivered daily to them that fit their diet.

As always we are so thankful for your prayers and support. It is a huge blessing! We are also extremely thankful for the donations that have been, and continue to be given to support Jubilee and her family during this time. If you would like to donate please click HERE.

I, even I, am the Lord; and beside me there is no saviour. (Isaiah 43:11 KJV)

March 22, 2013


Today was a tough one. Please continue to pray for Jubilee and her family as they face this situation. It is solely by Jesus’s power and peace that they can walk in hope each day. Continue to pray His mighty protection over them and His awesome healing for Jubilee.

Jubilee did alright today, but was somewhat withdrawn and tired. Please pray for her to continue to improve as the steroid doses get lower. God’s hand is on her and we ask for fervent Prayer over her every minute of the day. We met only briefly at a friend’s house who was babysitting baby piglets, to let the kids see them. Then Chelsea took Jubilee back home and Seth and Jubie spent time together on a daddy/daughter date.

Please also be praying for Seth as he had an incredibly hard day of severe allergies, which are literally the last thing he needs to be dealing with right now. He has a long history of poor sinuses and nasty allergies, so please lift that up in prayer as well.

Your prayers are so appreciated and effective. Please continue to keep fervently praying for Jubilee, Seth, Chelsea and Isaac.

March 21, 2013


It was Seth’s birthday and we all (Todd, Nadine, Penny, Rachel, Adi & Libby, and I) had a little party together with Seth, Chelsea, Isaac and Jubilee and tried to keep it low key and relaxed. Jubilee was doing really well, just tired by the afternoon as she didn’t have a nap. Her eyes have been tracking very well, and blinking almost normally and her balance is also very good.

Some of Seth and Chelsea’s lovely friends dropped by with holistic/natural and medicinal foods for Jubilee and a lovely squash pie for Seth’s birthday. It was so sweet of them and all the foods are very nutritious and cancer fighting, which we hope will continue to help Jubilee as she weans off the steroids and fights the DIPG.

They have been having lots of fun together and Jubilee has been smiling and laughing a lot, which is great to see. Please continue in prayer for her complete healing and we are thankful for the awesome support and love people have been giving them.

Today is a very relaxed day, with Seth and Chelsea spending family time together with Isaac and Jubilee. We all may meet up later, if Jubie is feeling up to it, at a friends farm who has baby pigs and baby goats.

Thank you again for all your love and prayers and we are so blessed by all the encouragement and intercession on Jubilee’s behalf. Thank you!

If you feel inclined to help support Jubilee financially, please click HERE to donate to their family. We are ever thankful for the many of you who have blessed them so abundantly during this very difficult journey. May God bless you in return!

March 19th-20th, 2013


The 19th-20th have been good days. Jubilee has been doing well and is glad to be back on Crow Farm and is much more herself. God has been so present and faithful in sending His peace over this beautiful family. The community has also been absolutely amazing with their helpfulness, blessings and love. Today both Jubilee and Seth and are going to receive acupressure and acupuncture, respectively. Seth for his persistent and severe sinus/allergy issues to hopefully eliminate them too. They have also been maintaining a very special diet that is giving Jubilee high nutrition and also alkalizing her body’s system and will hopefully starve the DIPG cancer cells and keep it from growing.

God has been gracefully directing them as a family and in their search for effective natural remedies, which is such a blessing. And His peace is persistent and always reassuring. It is God who saves  by His hand and direction and we know He is continually before Jubilee and has an amazing plan in effect. Please continue to pray for clarity and decisive direction for them in regards to remedies/treatment.

Rachel and I and our girls got in late on the 19th, so didn’t see Jubilee that night, but we were able to get to Crow Farm today around 11:30am to see Seth, Chelsea, Isaac and Jubilee. It is awesome to get to be together again, and to hold each other and have a jubilee! Jubilee and our girls loved playing, and Jubilee was so wonderful. She can tend to get tired somewhat easily, but is her gorgeous, sweet little self. The girls and Isaac rode the awesome zip line, that Seth had built in their backyard, over and over. Liberty and Jubilee painted Nadine’s nails all multi-coloured and giggled away. It was so much fun and we are all looking forward to spending bits of time together over the coming weeks.

We had a lovely lunch together and are now hanging out, with Isaac, in the house that a friend has opened for us to stay in as Chels and Seth are at the acupressure appointment with Jubie.

I cannot express again the thanks that we have for all of your continued prayers and support for Jubie. It is amazing to see what a community of friends and family they have, and that have gathered around them to coat them in prayer during this. Please continue to raise them all up to the Lord.


Girls having a fun lunch together at Crow Farm.


Jubilee rocking the zip line spaceship today!

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Since Rachel, I and our girls have arrived in Paonia, I hopefully can now keep the updates more consistent. Apologies for the delays during travel!

March 18th, 2013


Today is beautiful and sunny in Paonia and Seth, Chels, Isaac and Jubilee have gone out for a bike ride together. Jubilee looked really good today and was very excited to go out riding. God also placed a gorgeous rainbow over the mountain right outside her window.

He is in control and His peace certainly passes all human understanding, and we praise Him for it and the daily blessings He has given. Please keep praying and sharing Jubilee’s story to whatever prayer chains and churches you know. As always we are so thankful for your continued support and love towards Jubilee. God bless you all.

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Update for March 16-17th, 2013


Seth and Chelsea arrived home on the 16th safe and sound. Jubilee was doing quite well and spent the day doing art, playing in the yard and riding the zip line that Seth built on their property. She is much more herself being home and they are all relieved to be back in Paonia.

The community of Paonia, which has been absolutely incredible with their love and support for Jubilee, organised a wonderful fundraiser/benefit at The Creamery Art Gallery and Seth attended it, but Chelsea stayed home with Jubilee to rest, and he said to me that he was completely blown away by the massive amount of love and faith and caring that people have shown and he said he could barely take a step without being hugged, loved and given encouragement. He wanted to make it known that they are extremely thankful. Seth also said that he received lots of very good information on fighting glioma tumours and cancer with natural methods.

On the 17th a friend of theirs who is a very learned nutritionist spent a large portion of the day working out an extremely healthy, nourishing diet for their family. She is also helping Seth with his allergies and severe sinus problems.

Jubilee had a good day, but was a bit tired and somber. She has had lots of love, gifts and kindness from their friends in Paonia and they are all very thankful and blessed by it. They wanted to let everyone know that they are so blessed and grateful for your amazing prayers and support. It means so much to all of us.

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Update for March 13-15th, 2013


Apologies for the delayed update! My wife
and I and our two children have been travelling from England to the
US and are now settling into the time change and fighting jet lag.
Praise Jesus our flights went awesome, with our little girls sleeping well and with no crying or ear pain! Answer to

Jubilee has had trouble sleeping so was very tired in the morning but still wanted to go to the zoo again. So Seth and Chelsea took her and Isaac again and though she slept for part of it, she really had a fun time and so did Isaac. Unfortunately Isaac came down with a stomach bug, which meant he had to go back with Chelsea’s parents to their hotel for the night as Jubilee is very susceptible to viruses while fighting the DIPG and undergoing radiation. The following night he still was not 100%, so stayed with Todd and Nadine. Jubilee was showing signs of it as well the morning of the 14th, but woke up this morning well. Isaac and Chelsea are both well too. Seth did not get the stomach bug, but has been fighting a nasty sinus infection, so please pray for that to go away and that health will be restored! Jubilee’s radiation treatment has gone well and she had her last session this morning and they are heading back home after a final meeting with the doctors in Denver. They are really looking forward to getting Jubilee on a good, nutritious diet and using natural remedies to build up her health and boost her immune system. Jubilee is also very much looking forward to finally being home. Please pray for Jubilee that with her radiation treatment complete, coupled with
being home and having a very healthy, natural diet etc, that she would regain her energy and health and be completely herself, and that that would be permanent if that is God’s plan. Also pray for protection for their family from any further viruses etc, and that they are able to stay together and enjoying their days without worrying about any sickness. We are constantly reminded of the words spoken to Jubilee by the Lord, “Don’t be afraid” and “I love you and your family so much”. He is reassuring, loving and sustaining Jubilee, and us, and we know He has a plan for this situation. God bless you all and thank you for your continued prayers for little Jubilee! They do not go unnoticed and are a huge blessing. We also wanted to thank those of you who have donated to help during this very difficult time. Your donations have been amazing and we are amazed at the blessings people have shared with this beautiful family. Rachel, myself and our girls will be getting to Paonia on Tuesday and Todd and Nadine are heading over to Paonia as well. Some very wonderful friends have offered their homes up for us to lodge in for the duration of our stay, which is a huge blessing! I will post another update as soon as I have more info.
God bless.

Update for March 12th, 2013

seth and jubie


This morning in Denver there was another blanket of snow, about 4 inches. Mom and Dad (Todd and Nadine) headed out early to make their way across town to meet Seth and Chelsea at the Ronald McDonald house to hang out with Isaac while they took Jubilee to radiation at 8am. Isaac enjoyed bagels in the communal hall and Mom also gave him a haircut.

After radiation they all met up together at a café and had breakfast. Jubilee did well but seemed very tired and as she isn’t allowed to eat before the radiation therapy she was ravenously hungry! Seth and Chelsea took Jubilee back to their room for a rest and Mom and Dad took Isaac out for some shopping before heading back to Ronald McDonald.

Chelsea’s parents also came over, bringing Grandmother Slay and Aunt Becky, who had just flown in from Phoenix and brought the kids some wonderful gifts. Todd and Isaac stayed back the the Ronald house to build a big Lego helicopter while everyone else headed to the “American Girl” store for Jubilee to pick out a doll from Aunt Becky. Jubilee chose a beautiful African-American baby doll instead of the regular tradition of picking out a doll that looks the most like oneself and getting matching outfits to go together. Even though there were ones that looked like Jubie, with big blue eyes and pretty, long blonde hair, she passed them by without a thought and just held tightly to the one she had picked. She is certainly is her own little person! Aunt Becky also got her some pretty printed pajamas that matched her the ones on her doll.

After the American Girl shop they all met up at an ice cream shop to visit and get a treat. Jubilee’s Uncle Wes came over from Colorado Springs too. Mom and Dad went back to Bonita’s house (Her sister in Denver), and the Slay’s headed back to the Ronald house and spet the evening with Seth, Chelsea, Isaac and Jubilee.

God is so evident even, and often more so, through this painful time. A few weeks ago, before they knew of any of this, Jubilee told Seth and Chelsea that Jesus spoke to her in in the night and that He told her “Don’t be afraid.”. And just this week she dreamed of God and that He had said “I love your whole family”. We are all taking comfort from His powerful words to, and through, her and making everyday a “Jubilee”!

We cannot thank you all enough for your prayers and support. It means so much to all of us. Please continue to pray for Jubilee and her radiation treatment and steroids, as well as Seth, Chelsea and Isaac. For strength and peace amidst this situation.

Updated ‘Donate’ Page


Just wanted to share that we have sorted out the ‘Donate’ page and you can now donate to Jubilee online, via a Credit or Debit card. You can also do a direct Bank Transfer or a traditional, physical check through the mail.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and for your desire to help support Seth, Chelsea, Isaac and Jubilee. May God richly bless you!

Update for March 11th


Jubilee did great in radiation this morning but is adamant that she wants to go home to Paonia, which I think both Seth and Chelsea are also ready for. The radiation will be over on Friday, so please be praying for safe travels back to Paonia for them.

After the radiation, with most of the family having headed back to their homes, they spent the day as a family, just the four of them, playing games and having fun.

Jubilee is on steroids to keep the swelling and fluid under control around the DIPG tumour. They tend to make her hungry constantly and she can also get aggressive too. Once the radiation is finished they are going to wean her of of them, but in the meantime please pray against the aggressive side effects. The radiation will hopefully shrink the tumour and slow it’s progression down. It is the only known treatment for this type of Glioma tumour, but has only been shown to slow the DIPG down, not eliminate it. We continue to pray hard everyday for a miracle and hope you will join us.

Please continue to share Jubilee’s story with your churches and prayer chains, and please continue to lift her up in your thoughts and prayers!

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